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  • Q: Is there a program that can convert .flv movie files into something more manageable like .ogg or .wmv or .mpg?

    For movie file conversions, especially .flv I use WinFF. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the ffmpeg codec. It can be downloaded from the link on my applications page.

  • Q: Help Nothing on my computer handles .3gp files from my phone.

    For .3gp file conversions I use Mobile Media Converter. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a specially compiled version of the ffmpeg codec (included in download package). It can be downloaded from the Miksoft Website. It switched between .3gp and .mpeg files for easier use on computers. It can also be used to switch back, but can only handle limited extensions (includes .mpeg .wmv and some sound formats).

  • Q: How can I get programs to start on boot-up?

    There is a relatively simple solution to this:
    Go to the 'System >> Preferences' menu and click on 'Main Menu'. Find the program you want and right click , properties. Copy the text in the command box. Then open up 'System >> Preferences >> Sessions' and click on the 'Add' button. Name the function and describe it, then paste the command from 'Main Menu' into the command box and you are done. Next time you boot-up your computer the program should be ready and waiting (useful with things like firewalls).

  • Q: Is there a free anti-virus software for Ubuntu?

    AVG, one of the main free anti-virus distributors, has recently compiled a version to run on Ubuntu. Although viruses on Ubuntu don't really exist it can be useful to scan certain things such as windows files and unknown executable files. Here is the link to the AVG download page.

  • Q: Is there a Firewall for Ubuntu?

    I use Firestarter. I would install it as the first thing you do after installing Ubuntu. It will be in the ADD/REMOVE list from the Applications Menu (search in all available application for firestarter - Internet connection required). Alternatively if you want this installed before you go online, download the package and dependencies on another computer from Ubuntu Packages and transfer across to install via GDebi Package Installer.

  • Q: Where does everyone get those cool Tux (Linux Mascot) Avatars?

    Most people get theirs from the extensive collection at As there are many cool ones there. However, it is a lot of fun to make your own. See the ones I mande and a tutorial on how on My Tux Page.

  • Q: What are and how do I use md5sums?

    md5sums are a method of checking if a file transfer is completely correct and nothing is missing. To find an md5sum of a file on your computer in terminal type cd /location/of/folder/ to change to the folder where the file is. Then md5sum filename.extension and the sum will be printed as a long combination of characters. Most websites where a large file is available will offer md5sums for the download so you can check against for an exact match. If the two match then the file is complete.